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Delphi to supply diesel common rail system to Mercedes

3 June 2005

Delphi Corporation announced a contract award from DaimlerChrysler to develop and supply a complete diesel common rail and engine management system for a current and future Mercedes engine range.

This is Delphi’s first diesel common rail application with DaimlerChrysler and the first time that DaimlerChrysler has entrusted a supplier with turnkey, complete systems responsibility, including components software and calibration.

The first phase of the project covers the applications engineering and supply of Delphi’s diesel common rail (DCR) 1600 system for an undisclosed Mercedes passenger car model. Further phases are planned to extend the application to an additional vehicle, said Delphi.

Delphi’s DCR 1600 provides more accurate control of small volumes of fuel, introducing the option of up to five injection events. A reduction in NOx of up to 30% is possible through the introduction of a late-pilot injection event.

Source: Delphi