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Volvo unveils 2007 truck engines

14 February 2006

Volvo Trucks North America unveiled its new family of heavy-duty diesel engines—the 11-liter D11, 13-liter D13 and 16-liter D16—meeting the US 2007 emission standards. The engines will use “high-performance cooled exhaust gas recirculation” (EGR) and diesel particulate filters (DPF) to achieve the new emissions standards. Volvo has been using EGR in North America since October 2002.

The new engines will be available on Volvo trucks for a range of applications:

  1. The Volvo D11, intended for pickup and delivery, less-than-truckload and regional distribution applications, will be available in the Volvo VNM and Volvo VNL truck models. The engine will be available with 325 hp to 405 hp, with torque from 1250 to 1450 lb-ft.
  2. The Volvo D13 will be available in the Volvo VNM and Volvo VNL tractors, as well as the Volvo VHD vocational truck and tractor. Primary applications are LTL, truckload, linehaul freight and vocational duties. The D13 will be available with 335 hp to 485 hp, with torque levels from 1350 to 1650 lb-ft.
  3. The Volvo D16, intended for heavy-haul applications, will be available in the Volvo VNL and Volvo VT. For 2007, the D16 will be available with 450 hp up to 600 hp, and with torques from 1650 lb-ft to 2050 lb-ft.

Volvo will also continue to offer the 15-liter Cummins ISX with 2007 emissions technology as an option in its Volvo VN and Volvo VT highway tractors.

The 2007 Volvo engines feature the following technologies:

The engines will deliver fuel economy equivalent to the current engines, said Volvo. Oil drain intervals for the new engines are, depending on duty cycle: up to 30,000 miles for the D11; up to 45,000 miles for the D13; and, up to 50,000 miles for the D16.

Volvo will apply a $7,500 surcharge on invoices for 2007 compliant trucks with both Volvo and Cummins ISX engines to cover the cost of development work to meet the 2007 emission requirements. The new family of engines will be assembled at the Volvo Powertrain North America plant in Hagerstown, MD.

Source: Volvo (technology | price increase)