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US EPA releases model for state idling law

8 May 2006

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a “Model State Idling Law” document to provide guidance for states that develop their own idle regulations. The model law—a brief 14-page document based on the existing idle regulations in several states—generally limits idling of heavy-duty truck engines to 5 minutes.

At the 2004 National Idle-Reduction Planning Conference, representatives from the trucking industry expressed concern about the inconsistent patchwork of state and local idling laws. The model law has been developed to address these concerns, after a series of five public workshops held by the EPA in 2005.

The model law is an informational document, aimed at assisting states and the trucking industry with the development of and compliance with state idling regulations. The EPA said it is not developing any federal regulations pertaining to vehicle idling.

Source: US EPA (Model State Idling Law | State idling laws page)