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S?d-Chemie DPF receives California verification

7 September 2006

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has verified the Süd-Chemie Inc. EnviCat-DPF™ diesel particulate filter as a Level 3 diesel emission control device for use on stationary prime and emergency standby generators and pumps.

The Süd-Chemie DPF is a catalyzed, passively regenerated particulate filter. The verification applies to mechanically or electronically controlled, off-road certified engines having PM emission levels less than or equal to 0.2 g/bhp-hr. The engine must operate at the load level required to achieve exhaust temperature of 400°C for a minimum of 30 minutes. Operation at lower temperatures is allowed, but only for a duration of maximum 300 minutes.

The filter must be cleaned every 1,500 hours when using 500 ppm sulfur diesel, and every 2,000 hours when using ultra-low sulfur diesel (<15 ppm S).

Source: Cal ARB (Executive order | Verification letter | Engine families)