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Particulate filters from Huss, CleanAir receive California verification

15 November 2006

The California Air Resources Board issued verifications for diesel particulate filter systems by HUSS Umwelttechnik and by CleanAIR Systems.

The HUSS FS-MK filter has been verified as a Level 3 diesel emission control system, providing an 85% reduction in PM emissions. It can be used with all on- and off-road diesel engines through the 2006 model year, except those equipped with either diesel oxidation catalysts or exhaust gas recirculation systems. The FS-MK series of filters uses a silicon carbide wall-flow filter with a fuel burner for regeneration. The FS-MK system is compliant with the 2009 NO2 emission requirements (≤ 20% increase), and as such has been designated as a “Level 3 Plus” device. (See also the executive order for onroad and off-road verification and the lists of excluded onroad and off-road engine families.)

The ARB has also extended the verification of the CleanAIR Systems Permit™ diesel particulate filter system to include model year 1996-2006 stationary prime and emergency power generators with PM levels of up to 0.2 g/bhp-hr. The filter, a Level 3 device, was previously verified for emergency generators of PM ≤ 0.1 g/bhp-hr.

The Permit™ device is a passively regenerated filter catalyzed with a noble metal catalyst. The filter requires a temperature of above 300°C (about 40% engine load) for at least 30% of operating time or 2 hours, whichever is longer, to regenerate. The filter can be operated for 5000 hours before cleaning/disposal. (See also the executive order, verification letter and engine families.)

Source: California ARB