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European Commission publishes initial Euro VI proposal

12 November 2007

The European Commission has published its first proposal for Euro VI emission standards for heavy-duty engines. It is an initial document which does not yet constitute a formal Commission proposal. The proposal was discussed at an MVEG stakeholders meeting on November 6, 2007.

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The Euro VI emission standards would become effective from October 2013 for new type approvals, and from October 2014 for all models. The emission limits correspond to the Scenario A of the recent Euro VI consultation by the Commission. With NOx at 0.4 g/kWh and PM at 0.01 g/kWh, the Euro VI regulation would be roughly equivalent to the US 2010 standards.

The regulation will be developed in a “split-level” regulatory approach. The current proposal will become the “political” regulation, to be developed through a co-decision process of the European Council and Parliament. A second regulation, to be developed by the Commission and Member States, will cover emission testing procedures and other technical details. The technical part of the regulation is expected to include particle number limits, recalibrated mass limits (to account for changes in the PM measurement procedure once the PMP methods are incorporated), as well as OBD requirements.

The world-harmonized test cycles (WHSC and WHTC) are expected to be used for Euro VI type approval testing. WHSC/WHTC based limit values will be introduced once correlation factors with the current ESC/ETC tests are established.

Source: European Commission