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Huss and Proventia to cooperate in German on-road retrofit market

12 January 2011

Proventia, based in Oulunsalo, Finland and Germany’s Huss announced cooperation in German diesel retrofit markets for on-road vehicles. The companies will cooperate exclusively in the German on-road markets, including low emission zones (LEZ) and highway road charge (MAUT) applications.

Proventia holds a German ABE verification from the Federal Motor Transport Authority of Germany (KBA) for a number of heavy- and medium-duty vehicles (for both the one- and two-liter class). All systems utilize a ceramic, wall-flow particulate filter with passive regeneration to provide over 90% PM collection rate.

Huss holds an ABE verification for the one liter class for an actively regenerated filter based on Huss’ own LPS-SiC ceramic. While the filter has been used in German low emission zones, Huss was lacking filter systems for the highway (MAUT) application. The cooperation will enable Huss and Proventia to collectively cover the entire engine range and all market segments.

The German on-road diesel retrofit market includes two main sectors: the low emission zones and the highway road charge (MAUT). The low emission zones show a strong need for active regeneration, especially in the medium-duty sector, due to the low temperature profiles of the engines. The road sector—driven by reductions in the MAUT charge for cleaner vehicles and by grant monies to finance particulate filter retrofits—requires mostly passive filter technology.

Source: Huss