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Cummins reveals new, 4000 hp QSK95 engine

2 November 2011

At the Seymour Engine Plant in Indiana, Cummins revealed the new QSK95 engine with over 4000 hp (2983 kW) output as the world’s most powerful high speed diesel. The 95 liter 16-cylinder QSK95 is the first engine to be introduced in a new high-horsepower diesel and gas platform from Cummins. The new product line will extend up to the 120 liter 20-cylinder QSK120, capable of over 5000 hp (3728 kW) output.

Designed with high power density, the 16 cylinder QSK95 exceeds the power output of other large 1800 rpm high-speed engines with 20-cylinders. The QSK95 is intended for high-hour, high-load applications in passenger and freight locomotives, marine vessels and ultra-class mine haul trucks.

While the QSK95 is a new platform, it utilizes some of the sub-systems from existing Cummins high-horsepower engines. A quad-turbocharger system, using four compact turbochargers, has been adapted from the QSK60 model. The modular common-rail system (MCRS) has been upgraded to operate with injection pressures up to 2200 bar. The engine does not use exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). Four standardized electronic control modules (ECM) control the engine systems, one ECM monitoring each engine quadrant.

The QSK95 will meet all applicable emission standards. For US EPA Tier 4 final (2015) applications, the engine will use urea-based selective catalytic reduction (SCR) aftertreatment. Depending on the duty-cycle, the SCR system is capable of achieving fuel savings of 5% to 10%, said Cummins. Design space remains available within the aftertreatment system for additional PM reduction technology if required for specific applications.

The QSK95 is pre-engineered to add four cylinders, to achieve over 5000 hp (3728 kW) as the QSK120 engine. The QSK120 will utilize the same architecture and systems as the QSK95, providing the advantage of platform commonality.

Source: Cummins