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Cummins announces ISX12 heavy-duty diesel engine

27 January 2012

Cummins announced a new ISX12 heavy-duty engine with better fuel economy and performance. The ISX12 will deliver fuel economy improvements of up to 5% in regional haul applications and by as much as 12% in vocational applications, according to Cummins. The ISX12 will be in full production in March 2012.

The ISX12 is replacing the ISX11.9, introduced in 2009. The change of the engine designation appears to be a marketing decision, as the improvements were achieved mostly through new software calibrations, with few changes in hardware. The new, rounded-up designation is consistent with other Cummins models, such as the ISL9 and ISX15. The nonroad version of the old engine, the QSX11.9, is still listed among Cummins off-highway product offering.

The ISX12 utilizes common components with the big-bore ISX15, including cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system, a single VGT™ turbocharger and the XPI fuel system. Like the complete lineup of Cummins on-highway Heavy-Duty and MidRange engines, the ISX12 utilizes a urea-SCR aftertreatment system.

The ISX12 has standard ratings ranging from 310 hp to 425 hp (231-317 kW) and SmartTorque ratings ranging from 330 hp to 425 hp (246-317 kW). SmartTorque ratings feature higher torque in the two top gears so that drivers can climb steep hills with fewer downshifts.

Further changes in Cummins heavy-duty engines may be expected next year, as the company announced it will meet the EPA 2014 GHG emission and fuel economy requirements one year ahead of schedule, in 2013.

Source: Cummins