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VanDyne SuperTurbo™ raises $8 million in equity financing

15 February 2012

VanDyne SuperTurbo™ Inc. of Fort Collins, Colorado has raised $8 million in Series C equity financing round. The round was led by Northwater Capital’s Intellectual Property Fund with participation by existing investors. Proceeds from the financing will help speed up the commercialization of the SuperTurbo™ technology, said the company.

The funding will allow to put the SuperTurbo through the durability testing required by the automotive industry. VanDyne intends to take the SuperTurbo from a prototype to a product in the next two years.

The VanDyne SuperTurbo technology is a mechanically assisted turbocharger that also incorporates turbocompounding functionality. The device includes a transmission that couples a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and a high speed traction drive with a transfer gear. At low engine speeds, the engine can provide additional power to the turbocharger to improve low speed torque and provide good transient engine response. At high engine speeds, power flow is reversed and excess turbine power is supplied to the crankshaft.

The SuperTurbo promises to deliver up to 6% efficiency gains in trucks, according to VanDyne. The concept would allow further engine downsizing.

Source: VanDyne