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Bosch introduces 2,500 bar common rail system for commercial vehicles

8 August 2012

Bosch announced a new version of its CRSN3 common-rail injection systems for commercial vehicles with injection pressure increased to 2,500 bar. The maximum injection pressure in the predecessor system was 2,200 bar. Higher injection pressure help lower PM emissions and allow engine calibrations for improved fuel efficiency.

In its latest variant, the CRSN3-25 injection system for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles delivers a maximum injection pressure of 2,500 bar. With its pressure-balanced interior, the new injector concept offers a high level of hydraulic efficiency, said Bosch. Since its exterior geometry remains unchanged, the injector used in the CRSN3-25 is compatible with its predecessor system. The new system also features an improved diagnostic capability—thanks to an integrated pressure limiter, a comprehensive system check can be carried out when the vehicle is being serviced.

With the CRSN3-25, up to seven individual injections are possible. Thanks to a software learning feature, the amount of fuel injected can be adjusted. This makes it possible to achieve stable emissions over the entire life cycle of the vehicle. The CRSN3 injection system is designed for operation with diverse injection pumps depending on customer specifications. It can be used in diesel engines with up to 16 cylinders, in on- and off-highway applications. For heavy-duty vehicles, a new generation of the CPN5 high pressure pump can be applied. The new pump has a service life of 1.6 million km and 15,000 operating hours in off-highway applications.

Bosch also said it is developing diesel injection systems with even higher injection pressures, but no particulars were provided.

Source: Bosch