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Ecocat celebrates hydrolysis catalyst delivery milestone

20 September 2012

Ecocat Oy, a Finland based catalyst manufacturer, announced a milestone in the production of the HyCat™ SCR hydrolysis catalyst—by the end of 2012, 300,000 catalyst units will be delivered to heavy-duty diesel engine manufacturers across Europe. The annual sales have grown from over 10,000 units in 2006 to about 90,000 units in 2012. There are some 150,000 trucks operating in Europe equipped with this product in their SCR lines.

The Ecocat HyCat technology utilizes an advanced hydrolysis catalyst coated on a metallic, mixed-flow substrate. The catalyst features a 2-layer architecture, with bottom layer optimized for adhesion and the top layer for activity. The catalyst has been designed to maximize the formation of ammonia via urea hydrolysis, while minimizing isocyanic acid formation.

Hydrolysis catalysts are used in many SCR systems to ensure a more complete urea decomposition, to avoid fouling by urea or by products of incomplete urea decomposition and to improve the overall SCR performance. Urea hydrolysis catalysts utilize base metal formulations (e.g., titania). As a stand-alone device (like the HyCat), the catalyst is installed between the urea injection point and the SCR catalyst. Alternatively, hydrolysis catalysts can be zone-coated over the inlet section of the SCR catalyst.

The Ecocat website provides more information on the HyCat catalyst.

Source: Ecocat