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Cleaire recalling LongMile diesel particulate filter

26 October 2012

Cleaire Advanced Emission Controls is voluntarily recalling its LongMile diesel particulate filter system in California, free of charge to affected owners, according to a regulatory advisory issued by the California Air Resources Board (ARB).

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Cleaire will either replace the LongMile’s existing metal filter substrate with a certified silicon carbide core or a certified catalytic Cleaire Muffler Module (CMM) over a prescribed recall schedule, or remove the entire system from the vehicle. Cleaire will directly contact affected vehicle owners to coordinate the replacement of the LongMile system and will renew the warranty once the modifications are made.

As a condition of the recall, Cleaire will provide affected fleets with appropriate documentation identifying the vehicle as subject to the LongMile recall. The ARB is allowing for the continued operation of affected vehicles so long as the documentation provided by Cleaire is carried with the vehicle at all times. The LongMile recall will not impact or otherwise affect the ability of fleets to retain early compliance credits that may have been accrued with the installation of the system.

Source: California ARB