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Sensors announces SEMTECH Continuous Particulate Measurement module

17 October 2013

Sensors, Inc. has announced the SEMTECH Continuous Particulate Measurement (CPM), a real-time PM measurement system that utilizes the Pegasor® PPS-M technology.

The CPM module can measure either PM mass or PM number concentrations. The instrument can be configured into a complete system that can be employed as a standalone analyzer (when used with a full dilution system) or integrated with the SEMTECH Micro Proportional Sampling System (MPS) and SEMTECH Particulate Filter System (PFS) to provide a complete PM measurement solution for real-world or laboratory applications.

The Pegasor PPS-M sensor employs a novel particle charging technique known as “escaping current” for real-time, continuous and highly sensitive measurement of exhaust PM emissions. The system's unique flow-through design provides for rapid, continuous PM measurements over a wide range of temperatures. The device accurately measures active particle surface area and can be set up to provide both particle mass and number concentrations.

The advantages of the Ecostar CPM—according to Sensors—include no cross sensitivity to NOx, and the capability to measure complete PM, which incorporates organics as well as black carbon. The instrument has a much faster response rate of 0.25 s.

Sensors Ecostar has been developed as a high end portable emissions measurement systems (PEMS) that can also be used in a test bench. The system, however, suffered from the lack of a real-time PM measurement module. The addition of the CPM analyzer will enable Sensors to offer a complete exhaust emission measurement solution. This is especially important in Europe, which adopted particle number emission standards and has been focusing on real-world emission testing in the development of future emission regulations.

Sensors said it is providing complete Ecostar systems to be used by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) in their ongoing development of new test protocols for heavy duty engines (in-use PM program) and light-duty vehicles (Real Driving Emissions, RDE-LDV, program).

Source: Sensors