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Amminex launches City-SCR™ upgrade for Euro IV/V/EEV vehicles

5 May 2014

Amminex Emissions Technology announced the launch of its Ammonia Storage and Delivery System (ASDS) as an emissions upgrade solution. The Amminex City-SCR™ system is designed as a retrofit kit to provide gaseous ammonia on existing Euro IV/V/EEV vehicles initially equipped with urea SCR.

Amminex evaluated the performance of the City-SCR system over long-term tests conduced on a city bus operated in real world driving in Copenhagen, which accumulated over 35,000 km with the system. City-SCR allows for gaseous ammonia dosing even at low speed driving, which improves low temperature SCR performance and reduces the high NOx emissions that have been reported in urea-SCR vehicles in city traffic, Figure 1.

Figure 1: NOx Emissions with Amminex City-SCR Upgrade
Amminex data (before upgrade: blue; after upgrade: green) for a city bus with a 9-liter engine.

The City-SCR system replaces the original urea tank and dosing equipment on the vehicle. Gaseous ammonia is generated from a solid material stored in Amminex AdAmmine™ Cartridges. The ammonia gas is released upon heating using electric energy and/or the engine coolant. The average power consumption in the city bus application is 150 W.

Gaseous ammonia can be dosed at low exhaust temperatures, from as low as 120°C, enhancing the low temperature performance of the SCR system. In urea-based systems, urea dosing must be stopped when exhaust temperatures are too low to ensure the decomposition of urea into ammonia (typically below 200-250°C).

A standard system, Figure 2, fits into the normal space envelope of an AdBlue/DEF tank on a medium-duty commercial vehicle. The original SCR catalyst and exhaust line are kept on the vehicle.

Figure 2: Example Installation in the Engine Compartment of a City Bus.
The two 11-liter cartridges provide ammonia corresponding to more than 40 liter liquid urea (AdBlue®/DEF).

The AdAmmine™ Cartridges holding the solid ammonia storage material are produced in the Amminex plant in Nyborg (Denmark) and the systems are ready for integration on vehicle fleets, said the company. Production capacity and refilling logistics are in place at the plant to support launch activities in Europe. For other markets refill will be done regionally, closer to the point of use.

After the upgrade, a typical city bus will emit about 300 kg less NOx per year, according to Amminex estimates. For a city having a fleet of approx. 1,000 buses, this will lead to a reduction of 300 ton of NOx per year from the city bus segment.

Source: Amminex