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Nett BlueMAX™ 300D SCR system receives EPA verification

27 May 2014

Nett Technologies announced that their BlueMAX™ 300D Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) System has been verified by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The system is applicable for medium- and heavy-duty diesel engines between 75 and 560 kW (100-750 hp) in portable and stationary applications, such as diesel generator sets, pumps and compressors.

The BlueMAX 300D SCR system reduces NOx emissions by at least 80%. The system also reduces emissions of CO and HC by 90% and PM by 25%.

The BlueMAX™ 300D uses a urea control strategy that relies on NOx concentration measurements by a sensor. The urea dosing rate is determined based on inputs from three sensors: the NOx sensor, an engine mass air flow (MAF) sensor and a temperature sensor.

The urea solution is injected upstream of the SCR catalyst with the assistance of compressed air which helps improve urea atomization. Mixing of urea with exhaust gases is further enhanced through a static mixer upstream of the catalyst. Ammonia that is not used in the reaction is oxidized by a downstream ammonia slip catalyst.

The BlueMAX™ 300D SCR system incorporates a notification display providing error code information related to basic functionality of the SCR, as well as a data logger that records the SCR inlet temperature, inlet and outlet NOx concentrations, urea dosing rate, intake MAF, urea tank temperature and error codes for low urea quality and low NOx reduction. The notification system also alerts the operator when the urea tank requires filling.

The SCR system can be operated at temperatures below -11°C, which is the freezing point for urea (DEF), with the aid of an included heating system.

Source: Nett Technologies