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CDTi launches DuraFit™ replacement diesel particulate filters

5 August 2014

Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc. (CDTi) announced the launch of DuraFit™ DPFs, a new line of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement diesel particulate filters (DPF). Designed and manufactured in North America, DuraFit™ DPFs are cost-effective, exact-fit alternatives to OEM replacements, said the company.

The new line of filters is supported by CDTi's distributor network. The company is also soliciting new DuraFit distributors. Sales of CDTi's DuraFit™ DPFs commenced in June.

DuraFit DPFs were launched to address a growing opportunity in the heavy-duty aftermarket to replace OEM DPF units. According to Power System Research, North American OEMs have produced an average of 250,000 heavy-duty on-road diesel vehicles equipped with DPFs each year since 2007 to comply with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emission standards. Many of these DPFs are out of the OEM warranty that typically covers 5 years.

The US EPA has never developed an approval process or criteria for aftermarket emission parts for heavy-duty diesel engines. While any replacement emission parts must provide performance equivalent to the certified OEM components, there is no formal procedure (other than re-certifying each engine family with the aftermarket DPF) to demonstrate such equivalence in emission performance.

Source: CDTi