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Nett Technologies announces marine DPF system

30 November 2014

Nett Technologies announced a new DPF system, the GreenTRAP™ VOLT 320, intended for marine engines between 50 and 450 kW. The VOLT 320 is a passive/active DPF system that regenerates passively at high exhaust temperatures and performs automatic active regeneration using electric heaters during operation at lower temperatures.

During the development process, the VOLT 320 DPF has crossed the Atlantic Ocean twice and accumulated more than 2700 hrs of trouble-free operation, said Nett technologies. The VOLT 320 system was installed on a 130 kW diesel generator on Yachting Partner International’s 150’ vessel The Charisma, making trips to the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

The VOLT 320 DPF regenerates passively at exhaust gas temperatures above 325°C. At temperatures below 325°C, the VOLT 320 is regenerated with the help of electrical heating elements. The system comes with a computerized controller and customizable alarms. The GreenTRAP VOLT 320 requires approximately 20 minutes to complete a full regeneration when in the active mode.

Source: Nett Technologies