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Corning launches new FLORA™ catalyst substrates

9 February 2015

Corning Incorporated announced the introduction of Corning® FLORA™ 600/3 substrates, a new generation ceramic product designed to reduce cold start vehicle emissions. Honda Motor Company will equip select model year 2016 vehicles with the new technology to improve cold-start emission performance.

FLORA™ substrates have been designed to enable lower cold-start emissions and better fuel efficiency. The new material reaches operating temperature quicker than standard substrates—said Corning—so catalytic converters can light off earlier, without the need for increased fuel or additional precious metal.

Quick catalyst warm-up and early light-off are helped by substrates of low thermal mass and high geometric surface area. The new Corning substrates have a high cell density of 600 cpsi and thin walls of 3 mil = 0.076 mm thickness.

The new FLORA™ substrates are intended for both gasoline and diesel applications.

Corning will begin production of FLORA™ substrates in early 2015, and start shipping to Honda in time for model year 2016 platform builds. The substrates will be manufactured at Corning Environmental Technologies’ facility in Erwin, NY, USA.

Source: Corning