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SwRI launches automotive cylinder head design consortium

10 February 2016

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) announced the formation of a new consortium to advance automotive cylinder head designs. The Aluminum Head Evaluation, Analysis, and Durability (AHEAD) consortium seeks to reduce the weight while improving the durability of aluminum cylinder heads

“As fuel economy and greenhouse gas regulations drive the need for lighter-weight engines, cylinder heads and their components will need to change,” said Douglas Eberle, manager of the Powertrain Design and Analysis Section of the SwRI Engine, Emissions and Vehicle Research Division. “AHEAD offers a cost-effective way for manufacturers to develop new technologies that stand up to the heavy demands of modern engines.”

Initially, AHEAD will target advances for aluminum cylinder heads used in both gasoline and diesel engines, such as casting processes, structural design, measurement and prediction of residual stresses, and aluminum alloy materials that resist high temperatures. More advanced projects could include new alloy development, cylinder head transient analysis, materials characterization, and more.

The four-year program kicks off this summer and is open to automotive original equipment manufacturers and suppliers. Two membership tiers are available: Associate membership is $60,000 per year and Full membership is $100,000 per year. Full membership includes meeting attendance, reports, and royalty-free access to intellectual property, as well as project selection rights. Detailed provisions of associate membership are to be announced in the near future.

More information on the AHEAD consortium can be found at ahead.swri.org.

Source: SwRI