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MIRATECH acquires IP assets of Vaporphase

11 November 2016

MIRATECH® announced the acquisition of the intellectual property (IP) assets of Vaporphase, a leading supplier of heat recovery systems for reciprocating engines in North America. Certain key employees of Vaporphase are also joining MIRATECH as part of this acquisition. The financial terms were not disclosed.

“The addition of Vaporphase heat recovery capabilities will effectively round out our exhaust system product offering. This will improve our position in the growing market segment of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants which act to reduce the carbon footprint over traditional engine installations”, said Dean Glover, MIRATECH CEO.

The Vaporphase product line includes hot water and steam production systems, in both horizontal and vertical applications. Over 3000 Vaporphase units have been produced over the company’s 75 year history. The applications include numerous brands of engines fueled by diesel, gas and synthetic fuels.

MIRATECH is a Tulsa, Oklahoma, based provider of emission control and sound attenuation systems for industrial engines. The products include NSCR, SCR, and DPF catalyst systems, silencers and exhaust piping, control systems, air/fuel ratio controllers, and heat recovery systems.

Source: Miratech