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CPK adds smartphone connectivity for their DYNTEST data monitor

14 March 2017

CPK Automotive GmbH of Muenster, Germany, announced the RemCo II® system, which supplements the DYNTEST family of data monitoring and management products and allows data analysis and remote access to the DYNTEST ControlBox using a smartphone.

The RemCo II system includes a hardware module and a smartphone application DYN@pp®, available for iOS and Android devices. The hardware communication between the RemCo II module and the DYNTEST ControlBox is based on the DYNTEST bus system. The system has been developed to be compatible with the current and older DYNTEST ControlBox versions.

The DYNTEST system has been used for the monitoring and electronic control of emission aftertreatment systems in both off-road and on-road applications. The RemCo II module encrypts the data from the DYNTEST ControlBox and transfers it via Bluetooth to the smartphone. Once the smartphone has access to the internet, DYN@pp sends the data automatically to a server. The data can be accessed on a web portal by authorized users. This way, the data can be available for analysis while the machine is still in the field, without internet connection, for example working underground. This enables early discovery and predictive diagnosis of possible abnormalities and problems.

Data communication using RemCo II module and a smartphone

Additionally, RemCo II allows remote access to the ControlBox and to the RemCo II module itself. By using the CPK Terminal software, the user logs in on the server via an internet connection. A list with all RemCo II systems that are ready for connection is shown. After selecting a RemCo II module, the system provides the full functionality of the CPK Terminal software, e.g., to change parameter settings, watch online data and modify software remotely.

“The requirements for the RemCo II module were developed in numerous workshops with our customers. The technical realization enables our customers to fulfill their service contracts in an efficient and resource-saving manner. Consequently, RemCo II is a tool that provides competitive advantages. The applications for RemCo II are not limited to the exhaust aftertreatment market,” said CPK CEO Frank Noack.

The RemCo II module has dimensions of approximately 60×60×30 mm, can be operated at ambient temperatures from -40°C to +85°C and is powered by a 9-32 V DC power source. The module fulfills IEC protection grade IP67. Further variants, e.g., with integrated GPS data acquisition are under development.

Source: CPK Automotive