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Clean Diesel Technologies to license CRT trap from Johnson Matthey

14 June 1999

Clean Diesel Technologies Inc. (CDT) of Stamford, CT, and the Catalytic Systems Division of Johnson Matthey PLC (JM) have announced that they have agreed on a non-exclusive license under Johnson Matthey's patent rights to its Continuously Regenerating Trap (CRT) technology.

The license involves a payment by Clean Diesel Technology of an undisclosed sum and royalty payments until the expiry of the CRT patents.

The CRT technology involves a ceramic monolith trap and a catalyst positioned upstream of the trap. The catalyst converts NO to NO2, which , in turn, oxidizes the soot accumulated in the trap. The CRT system can be used only with ultra low sulfur diesel fuel. Several thousand of CRT traps have been installed in Sweden and other EU countries.

Clean Diesel Technologies is a development stage company developing platinum based fuel additives and NOx Reduction Systems.

Source: Clean Diesel Technologies


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