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Urea SCR catalysts installed at Mobil

16 December 1999

Johnson Matthey announced an installation of two urea SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) catalyst systems at the Mobil Technical Center in Paulsboro, NJ. The SCR systems have been installed on test engines used for the development and testing of engine oils and lubricants for diesel, natural gas, and other engines. The urea SCR system includes a Johnson Matthey SCR NOx reduction catalyst and a Clean Diesel Technologies ARIS 2000 urea injection system.

The first system was installed in June 1999 on a Caterpillar G3406 natural gas engine, which operates with an exhaust temperature of about 800°F (430°C) and uses 3.5 gallons of urea solution per hour to reduce NOx by about 90%. The second system was installed in September 1999 on a Mack T9 six-cylinder turbocharged 350 hp diesel engine to achieve 82% reduction of NOx emissions.

The SCR technology has been used for NOx control from industrial stationary sources. SCR has also been adapted for stationary diesel engines, primarily in Europe and Japan, as well as for some marine engine applications. Relatively few SCR systems have been installed on stationary engines in North America.

Source: Johnson Matthey