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Lubrizol’s Purifilter verified by California ARB

15 January 2004

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has verified the Purifilter™ Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) manufactured by Lubrizol Engine Control Systems (ECS). The verification enables the use of Purifilter for retrofitting diesel vehicles under the California Diesel Risk Reduction Program. This ARB verification follows the recent verification of the same device by the EPA.

The filter was verified for specific 1994-2003 model year diesel engines used with on-road applications operating on ultra low sulfur diesel fuel. All of the engines are four-stroke, medium and heavy heavy-duty diesel engines, including turbocharged or naturally aspirated, mechanically or electronically injected, and are not equipped with exhaust gas recirculation. The filter was verified as a “Level 3” device, providing a minimum 85% reduction in PM emissions.

The Purifilter is a passive, catalyzed DPF. Two variants of the filter were verified: a “low load platinum” and a “high load platinum” Purifilter. None of these devices could meet the 20% NO2 emission limit. The NO2 limit, which was never enforced, is expected to be suspended for at least 3 years. None of the verified particulate filter systems from other manufacturers meet the NO2 limit.

Verification documents: Exec. order 1 | Exec. order 2 | Appendix A
Listing of Level 3 verified devices

Source: California ARB