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Johnson Matthey’s DOC verified by US EPA

6 August 2004

Johnson Matthey (JM) has received US EPA verification for its CEM™ Catalytic Exhaust Muffler and DCC™ Catalytic Converter, both of which incorporate the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) technology.

The verification applies to highway, heavy-duty, non-urban bus, 4-cycle, non-EGR, model year 1998-2003 diesel engines. The catalyst has been verified to produce emission reductions of 50% for HC, 40% for CO, and 20% for PM. Engines must be operated using fuels of no more than 500 ppm sulfur.

The verification makes the products eligible for use in the EPA’s Voluntary Diesel Retrofit Program (VDRP) and other state and local diesel retrofit programs in the USA.

EPA verification letter