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California ARB extends verification of CRT filter for 2003-2004 engines

10 February 2005

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has extended the verification of the Johnson Matthey’s CRT™ particulate filter system to include model year 2003-2004 diesel engines. The CRT™ filter was previously verified for use on model year 1994-2002 engines.

The Johnson Matthey CRT™ is now verified for most 1994-2004 model year diesel engines used in all on-road applications operating on ultra low sulfur diesel fuel (max. 15 ppm S). All of these engines are four-stroke, turbocharged, non-EGR equipped, and were certified in California to the 0.1 g/bhp-hr PM emission standard when new.

The CRT™ filter system employs a passively regenerated catalytic diesel particulate filter to achieve an 85% reduction in PM emissions. It has been verified as a “Level 3” device.

CRT verification letters: 27 Jan 2005 (Attachment) | 21 May 2004 | 23 Jul 2002 | 10 Oct 2001 | 2 Aug 2001

Source: California ARB


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