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Miratech introduces new catalyst substrates

29 October 2007

Miratech Corporation announced that its industrial engine catalysts will be available with two new substrate types: NEXT™, primarily for round catalyst elements and VORTEX™, primarily for rectangular catalyst elements.

NEXT and VORTEX are metallic substrates—based on the Ecocat technology—which can provide industrial engine operators with greater catalyst element strength, durability and resistance to telescoping, according to Miratech.

Both substrates feature flow patterns that promote increased turbulency. The NEXT substrate uses 60 degree triangular channels, which incorporate grooves in the foil to interrupt gas flow and create turbulent zones. Multiple grooves produce multiple turbulent zones which enhance mass transfer to boost catalyst performance. The design also results in increased mechanical strength, as the grooves interlock in a layer by layer pattern across the entire diameter and length of the substrate.

The rectangular VORTEX substrate takes a different approach to increase the turbulency of flow. VORTEX is a corrugated foil substrate that is layered and stacked in an off-setting, overlapping, angle-channel pattern. The angled overlapping channels stimulate turbulent gas flow through the entire length of the VORTEX substrate. Each overlap point is electronically resistant welded for superior strength.

NEXT elements will be used in Miratech’s round product lines (MN, MBA, IQ elements and housings and RC and QC series converter/silencers), while VORTEX elements will allow Miratech design rectangular catalyst elements of any size. In addition, VORTEX elements will be compatible with many non-Miratech housings (including GT Exhaust Systems, Johnson Matthey and Maxim Designs).

Source: Miratech