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Johnson Matthey acquires SCR business from Catalytic Solutions

26 October 2009

Johnson Matthey announced the acquisition of the assets of Applied Utility Systems, Inc. (AUS), Aliso Viejo, California, from Catalytic Solutions, Inc.

AUS specializes in selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems for reducing NOx emissions. The company has more than 20 years experience in designing, fabricating and installing SCR and CO emission control systems for gas turbines, boilers and process heaters, with installed systems on more than 4,000 MW of power generation and process equipment.

The acquisition of AUS will further strengthen Johnson Matthey’s capabilities as an SCR system supplier. The AUS’s capabilities will be coupled with Johnson Matthey’s Stationary Emissions Control (SEC) business.

In 2007, Johnson Matthey acquired Argillon, an SCR catalyst manufacturer once part of Siemens. Argillon SINOx SCR catalysts were supplied for both stationary and mobile diesel engine applications, the latter including Euro IV/V Mercedes diesel trucks.

Source: Johnson Matthey