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Kubota engines certified to Tier 4/Stage IIIB standards

30 October 2012

Kubota announced that it has received Tier 4/Stage IIIB emission certifications and approvals from the US EPA, California ARB and the EU authorities for all diesel engines below 56 kW.

With the previously obtained emission certifications for engines between 56 and 130 kW, the company is now ready to introduce the full line-up of Kubota Compact Diesel Engines that meet the EPA Tier 4 and EU Stage IIIB standards. The certified models include the Super Mini Series, 05 Series, 03 Series, 07 Series and the V3 Series.

To comply with the new standards, Kubota utilized a variety of technologies including electronically controlled common rail fuel injection system for combustion optimization, exhaust gas recirculation for NOx control and particulate filters for PM emission control.

In addition, Kubota introduced a new emission-compliant diesel engine in the output range of 19 - 37 kW, which utilizes Kubota’s proprietary TVCS (Three Vortex Combustion System) combustion system with active DPF regeneration.

Kubota also obtained EPA/ARB certifications for diesel engines below 19 kW. These emission certifications were obtained through combustion optimization, without aftertreatment. Engines in this power category are not subject to "aftertreatment forcing" standards in the United States and are not regulated in the EU.

Production of these new emission certified engines will begin in October 2012. The engines are used in Kubota branded agricultural and construction machinery as well as OEM equipment such as construction machines, gen-sets, welders and other industrial applications.

Source: Kubota