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Proventia supplies NOxBUSTER® retrofit systems for Oslo buses

11 April 2017

Unibuss AS, the transit bus operator in Oslo, Norway chose the Proventia NOxBUSTER® City system to upgrade 30 buses from the Euro V to Euro VI emission standard. The Proventia NOxBUSTER® City DPF+SCR system reduces both PM and NOx emissions, enabling Euro VI emission levels on older generation vehicles.

Additionally, each bus will be fitted with Proventia PROCARE™ Drive, a web-based monitoring system that provides continuous updates of the level of NOx emissions from the buses, other diagnostic information, as well as the GPS location of the bus.

The Proventia NOxBUSTER® City retrofit system has been tested in laboratories and in PEMS field tests in Finland, Sweden and Germany. Proventia systems are already in use in Finland, Sweden and now Norway as well, with their operation proven in practice under cold weather conditions.

Installation of the NOxBUSTER® City DPF + SCR system on a urban bus

Proventia’s NOxBUSTER® City system combines a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and an SCR catalyst. The NOxBUSTER® SCR catalyst utilizes standard commercial AdBlue solutions coupled with Proventia’s own mixing technology and high efficiency insulation that enhances the system performance during low exhaust temperature city driving conditions.

Unibuss AS is one of the largest bus companies in Norway with 750 buses in daily operation. The company has some of the nation’s most environmentally friendly bus fleet, including hydrogen buses, biogas buses, biodiesel buses and hybrid buses. Unibuss operates city bus routes and school buses in Oslo, Akershus, Vestfold and Oppland.

Source: Proventia