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Emission Standards

Argentina: Light-Duty Vehicles

Emission Standards: MY 1994-2003

Emission standards for new, model year 1994-2003 diesel passenger cars are summarized in Table 1.

Table 1
Emission Standards for Diesel Passenger Cars: MY 1994-2003
* 0.31 g/km for vehicles above 1700 kg

Historically, passenger cars in Argentina could also be emission certified (homologated) using an alternative option of certifying the car engine to the light commercial vehicles (LCV) emission standards.

Emission Standards: MY 2004 and Later

Since 2004, Argentinian standards are based on European light-duty vehicle emission regulations. Since 2007, EU emission standards and testing methodology are adopted by reference. The implementation schedule is summarized in Table 2.

Table 2
Emission Standards for Light-Duty Vehicles: MY 2004 and Later
New ModelsAll Models
Euro 220042004
Euro 320072009Resolution 731/2005 [2766], Directive 1998/69/EC [2765]
Euro 420092011Resolution 731/2005 [2766]
Euro 5a2015a
Resolution 35/2009 [2770], 1434/2011 [2769], 1800/2011 [2768], 1448/2012 [2767], 1464/2014 [3201], EC 692/2008 [2764]
a Vehicles category M1 with GVW≤2500 kg
b Vehicles category M1 with GVW>2500 kg and vehicles category N1

Euro 3. Compliance with the low temperature Type VI test was not required. The application of modifications in the methodology for evaporative emissions (Type IV test) established in European Directive 1998/69/EC [2765] and the requirement for OBD systems were only necessary starting January 1, 2008.

Euro 5a. Emission limits according to European Regulation 692/2008 [2764][2900], excluding particle number (PN) limits. Euro 5a does not include PN measurement and limits, which became effective from the Euro 5b stage.

CO2 Emissions. Effective 15.01.2018, companies that sell light-duty vehicles in Argentina must declare the CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, together with criteria pollutant emissions [3817].