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EPA extends verification for DOC systems by Johnson Matthey

2 February 2005

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has extended the verification of the CEM™ and DCC™ diesel oxidation catalyst systems by Johnson Matthey (JM) to include older model year 1991-1997 engines.

JM’s CEM™ Catalytic Exhaust Muffler and DCC™ Catalytic Converter, both of which incorporate the diesel oxidation catalyst technology, were previously verified for model year 1998-2003 engines.

The verification applies to highway, heavy-duty, non-urban bus, 4-cycle, non-EGR, diesel engines. The catalyst has been verified to produce emission reductions of 50% for HC, 40% for CO, and 20% for PM. Engines must be operated using fuels of no more than 500 ppm sulfur.

EPA verification letter
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